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Welcome to Hidden Paradise BBS!

What is our purpose? The BBS (short for Bulletin Board System) is what the internet was before the internet. Back when they were popular (early to mid 90's) people would use their computers with a modem hooked up to their computer and telephone line (yes no cell phones back when this all started so there were actual phones in our houses :) ) to call into the BBS. People participated in message bases (E-Mail of sorts) along with playing the online door games such as Exitilus, Death Masters, Junkyard, Legend of The Red Dragon and the list goes on. Each SysOp (short for System(s) Operator) chose the software they wanted to run and customized the board to his / her liking (Yes, there were female SysOp's too). Poof!! The pre-internet era was born! Some say that because of the BBS the internet came about. Many theories on this one.

We are a hobby bulletin board system that is family oriented so it is safe for kids. That being said there is a chance there may be something on here that you may not approve of for your children or even you for that matter. Some door games do contain a violence type of atmostphere. So please keep this in mind.

There are messaging networks we are connected to here for your reading pleasure. But don't just read please join in. The more that join the better the networks. You can find a lot of information there. We are the home of three (3) QWK networks! Military Net, Public Safety Net, and Survival / Preppers Net. You can get the application package (zip file) by clicking the following respectively: MilitaryNet.zip, PubSafNet.zip, and SurvPrepNet.zip. Please keep in mind that the setup docs show for a Synchronet BBS. I'm not familiar enough with other systems so you will have to research and setup your system accordingly.

Use the above links to log into the system.  If you have never logged into our system before please click here "New User Login" to start the process.  It's easy! If this is your first time it may be seem overwhelming at first but with some help and patients you'll get the hang of it.  And for those users from the past we still have the ANSI side of the BBS still running....

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icoflder.gif (146 bytes) KC2MVB
I have my HAM license. Here are some pages I created about it.
icoflder.gif (146 bytes) WORMS
Wildlife Online Rehabilitation Management System
icoflder.gif (146 bytes) WNYSG
Western New York Survival Group
icoflder.gif (146 bytes) Remote Backup
Hidden Paradise Computers now offers Remote Backup Services!
icoflder.gif (146 bytes) Photography
I am into photography also. I've done wedding photography and nature
icoflder.gif (146 bytes) Helicopters
I have a love / passion for Helicopters. My life long goal is to get my Rotary Wing license. Here is a very short blog of my first demo flight!
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Some terms to know
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the BBS Xchange

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