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About this system...

General Information:

Welcome to Hidden Paradise BBS.  What is our purpose?   Well how about a little background real quick.  We started in 1994 as a free BBS.  We had some pretty rave reviews from our user base back then!  We have completed the software upgrades to bring you the new and improved Hidden Paradise BBS (also known as hpbbs)!

    This BBS caters to numerous types of groups.  The first and foremost is the community that surrounds it.  That was the original reason why it was brought alive back in 1998.

In 2012 we have decided to move away from Santronics WinServer. There are many reasons for this but most importantly the cost. For what we are getting the cost is becoming too much. Also they are moving in the direction of business more than the hobby operator. So here we are. Welcome to SynchroNet BBS. While there is going to be a huge learning curve for both me and you the user it has many things that are better for us both. The power behind this system is amazing. There are many behind the scenes items you won't see nor will you know about but trust me. Life is better this way. I am also not limited to 16 nodes anymore. I can go up to 250+ if I wish in the snap of my fingers. Yes that easy. I am keeping it at 16 nodes at this time though.

We have more door games registered now. The authors of many programs have released either a key generator for registration codes or the software as already registered. So I have many of the Sunrise Doors I can put on here. I have a few now as of this writing. It does take time to put them on here so please be patient. I have also run into some I can't run just yet.

Hardware & Software Information:

This system currently operates on Windows Server 2003, Dual Intel Xeon 2.80 GHz with 3 GB. of RAM.

The software is Synchronet BBS v3.15a for Windows

This system is privately owned and operated.

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