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This web page is dedicated to my love of helicopters. All of my life I've wanted to fly one. I grew up with my Grandfather flying a J3 Piper Cub that he had built. The love of flying has always been there.

On October 6, 2007 I was able to fly an 1981 Enstrom 280F. This was my demo / intro. flight. I had recv'd 1/2 hour of ground school and 1 hour of actual flight time. During this flight time I was in control of the cyclic and then the anti-torque pedals. We did some turns left and right along with climbing higher in altitude and also descreasing in altitude (ascending and descending). I had some time to practice hovering also. First just with the cyclic and then with the cyclic and anti-torque pedals. Yeah that was interesting... :)

You can find me on by the name of deanathpc. I have learned a ton of stuff while being on that site. Very knowledgeable people that are present there.




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