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Photography by D.A. Brooks


Welcome to DJMS Photography. We have created this site in order for our current customers to view their pictures and order prints or just to share with their family and friends.

What follows in your tour of our site are examples of the work I have done. It's always a good idea to get some examples of your photographers work.

With the invention of digital cameras the speed at which my work can be processed and posted on the web has been increased greatly. The sample photographs will be sized smaller to help keep the load time of the web pages to a minium.

Please view our Gallery for a larger version of our pictures. Our Gallery also contains many pictures to view. The link in the next paragraph will take to a site that will allow you to purchase prints of not only my work but also the pictures of the events we have done.

More examples of my work can be found in our gallery via the link to the left. Also I have some pictures at my account here and my webshots account here along with my Fototime acccount here.


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