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03/15/96 Handy glossary and definitions available
Summer 2012 FIDO Net available. This has been an on again off again thing. Ran into some problems with software so there was an outage.
October 2012

Decision to drop Santronics WinServer for a better solution. So we researched Synchronet BBS software package with the help of Mike Roberts over at Holodeck BBS (telnet://holo.homeip.net). After some playing around with and figuring out a completely new type of system here we are.

Along with this little nightmare of a time FIDO Net was brought on board with the help of Radius to talk with my hub. That was a task in of itself as I needed the help from Rob Starr, Lord Time SysOp of Time Warp of the Future BBS (Telnet://Time.Darktech.Org:24). He finally was able to get my settings correct so I can call out to my hub and pickup along with drop off Fido mail. Thanks so much to both of these gentlmen for the assistance!

November 2012 November was a slower month as the system was running. Still a lot to do on the 'ole To-Do list though but I was getting ready for my Christmas display. More info can be found here Brooks Family Lights.
December 2012 On-going door game installations and registrations. Door game authors have pretty much given up on their software and as a result some of the nicer ones have either put their software up as open source or supplied a registration key generator for us SysOp's still in existence to use to register the doors. This gives us the ability to give you, the users, full funtioning doors just like in the good 'ole days. :)
12/22/2012 The web side of the BBS has been revamped. When you log in via the web side you will see the stock layout for Synchronet. That will take some time to do.

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